Jollibee at the airport

I am going on a business trip now but I am really surprised by something in the Cebu Mactan airport.
The surprising thing is that a Jollibee has newly opened in the Cebu Mactan airport. Jollibee is one of the hamburger shops in the Philippines.
It’s super famous so that McDonalds cannot beat it in the Philippines.
As what I have heard, beating McDonalds is the only one case all over the world and this story is shown as a “Case Study” in MBA in the USA.
There are so many people every day. Do we still need a Jollibee in the airport?
Jollibee’s speciality is not only the hamburger but also fried chicken. They provide gravy sauce for that and Philippines’ KFC also provides it. Even that world wide company follows Filipinos’ food culture.
Spaghetti meat sauce is also famous. Sweet meat sauce is on the noodles which are boiled hard like Japanese Udon. My Italian friend never admits this is an Italian food.

Everyone has their own tastes, depending on the person and country. Understanding each other is the key for Globalization. For Japanese, it’s sometimes difficult to understand the Filipino culture but it’s better to understand food first.
Let’s give it a shot!
My Italian friend never admits that spicy cod roe spaghetti, which is super famous in Japan, is an Italian food. 
I don’t admit the California roll is Japanese food.
But I can enjoy eating it as a different category.

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